Mediation can be very helpful in many cases, either to settle matters or, at least, to narrow the issues.


How we can help…

In some cases, mediation is now obligatory before applying to Court (failure to attempt mediation can result in a Costs Order against you or proceedings being halted whilst you attempt mediation). We can help make a referral to a mediation service and advise you on any potential agreements that come from the mediation sessions.

We can offer ‘Help with Mediation’. This is a new level of service available under the amended Legal Aid scheme from 1st April 2013. 

If you are seeking to obtain Help with mediation through Legal Aid, then you must first contact a local mediator. They will set up an assessment meeting to discuss if your case is suitable. If it is and you progress to full sessions, we can offer you advice on any potential settlement.

The mediation service will do an initial assessment of your finances to see if you qualify for Legal Aid, if you do then they will give you a form, which you must bring to your first appointment with us. We will then complete a full assessment of your finances (you will need to bring some evidence of these) to make sure you qualify. If you do, we will sign you up to the scheme. 

This allows us to advise you on any potential settlements that are discussed during mediation. We cannot undertake any negotiation for you. Once a settlement is reached, if it relates to your finances, then we can assist you in drawing this agreement up into a binding Court Order.


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