When a relationship breaks down, most people would agree that the well-being of any child is the most important matter.



It is of the utmost importance that you both remain parents, no matter what the state of your own relationship. It is also important not to expose your children to inappropriate information about the relationship breakdown or your own negative feelings about the other parent. This can be extremely harmful to a child’s well-being. 

Some children can even show signs of serious emotional disturbance after the breakdown of their parents’ relationship, we can give you details of agencies who may be able to help them. We understand how emotional issues concerning your children can be and aim to offer you the best advice possible throughout this difficult time. 

In the vast majority of cases both parties are able to settle their own arrangements, sometimes with the help of a mediator. We can arrange mediation sessions quickly and easily.

Sadly some cases cannot be settled in this way and require a Court application. We can give advice and assistance both before and during Court proceedings relating to children. 

Our family team has experience of a wide range of children cases including contact, residence, child abduction, relocation cases, child maintenance, and more. Many of our solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel.  



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