Going through a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership is obviously a difficult and emotional time. Our team aim to make this process as easy on you as possible. 



As members of the Family Law Panel and Resolution, we will always take a non-confrontational approach to relationship breakdown where this is possible.

Of course, divorce or dissolution may not always be the answer. Many problems in marriage can be overcome by talking. Help may be available from Relate.

Some people may wish to separate but not yet make things formal by divorce or dissolution. In such a case, they can consider a separation agreement, or Judicial Separation. We are able to give advice with regard to either of these options.

If a final, legally-binding separation appears to be the only option available to you, a petition can be drawn up fairly simply and cost-effectively. Any disputes or disagreements between you and your partner will obviously require more specific attention.

If you prefer, we can conduct your case solely by email (save for certain Court documents which require original signatures) after the initial appointment.



To see us at our offices to discuss your individual circumstances.

Please let us know when booking the appointment if you would like to see us in our wheelchair accessible meeting room.