Legal Aid is the name for a Government scheme where some or all of your legal fees are paid if you meet certain criteria.



Legal Aid is not always FREE legal advice. If you win or keep any money or property through the course of your case or your circumstances change you may be required to pay back some or all of the money you have received as payment of our costs.

Most family cases are now excluded from Legal Aid, unless there is evidence of domestic violence against you or a child involved in the case is at risk of harm, and you can provide evidence of this. 

For guidance on what evidence you would need and how to get it, we recommend you visit the Ministry of Justice website or contact the Community Legal Advice Service

Cases concerning domestic violence and children being taken into care, will usually still be eligible for Legal Aid. 

We understand that for many people, the news that they will not qualify for Legal Aid can be distressing and shocking. If you do not qualify, we can offer fixed fee packages for some types of cases. Please see our Costs page for more information.

We may also be able to offer you a new service under the Legal Aid scheme (whether there is domestic violence or not), called Help with Mediation

If you do qualify for Legal Aid or Legal Help we can give you advice, help you understand your rights and the law and, if necessary, represent you in Court and our initial meeting is usually included. This is funded by the Legal Aid Agency.


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