Buying or selling a property need not be stressful. We can help you through every stage of the process.


Selling  a property

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of the contract & the standard property information forms.

  • Provision of the title documentation and other relevant paperwork.

  • Liasing with the buyer's solicitors and providing them with information.

  • Organising a moving date to suit you with the buyer's solicitors.

  • Dealing with any mortgage lender to obtain final statements and pay off the mortgage.

  • Agreeing the final transfer document and financial statement for the sale.

  • Transfer of financial assets on the date of sale.



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Buying a property

Our service includes:

  • Receiving the contract, standard property forms and EPC.

  • Raising questions with the sellers solicitors.

  • Advising on any searches or other enquires that may be needed & applying for them.

  • Dealing with any questions on behalf of any mortgage lender.

  • Reporting to you on all matters relating to the purchase, including the requirements of any  lender.

  • Liasing with all parties to agree a moving date.

  • Preparation of financial statement for the purchase and obtaining mortgage funds.

  • Preparation of the transfer document and stamp duty forms.

  • Transfer of the purchase money to the sellers solicitors.

  • Registering the title and providing copy registered title to the lender and you.


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